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Latest NPL coming era

abbey applied square wave (New Pulse Light).
By irradiating NPL with low energy density successively.
NPL energy as heat stores in the deep layer of dermis.
This is a new theory. Abby is the beauty
machine for hair removal and skin care.


              –NPL beauty machine- is most excellent doctor of laser and IPL supervised and developed.
We tested abbey for several color of skin. abbey has effective and safety beauty machine beyond existing IPL beauty machine.

Dr. Gerard BOUTBOU

Former Almalaser doctor team
President de la Societe Francaise de Lipoplastie


Former Chief doctor of Syneron Medical
M.D.Board Certified Dermatologis

Two type of pieces cooling well
H R  (Hair Removal)

Wave length:610mm~950mm
Spot size:8×40mm

S R (Wrinkle.Pigmentation.Dullness. Reddish .  Acne . Whitening. Breastcare )

Wave length :560mm~950mm
Spot size :8×40mm

※Connector of headpiece is 1.
Changing hand piece, HR machine and SR machine

NPL 減毛モード (690~950nm)

IPL 脱毛モード (600~1200nm)

SR スキンケアモード (560~950nm)

H R  (Hair Removal)
Comparison with existing IPL

Target of abbey is a not only melanin of hair root but also Bulge region. That’s why abbey can not be affected by hair cycle or thickness of hair however effects downy hair, white hair and blond.
abbey is applied new theory of hair removal that hair cycle is not relevant, then period of hair removal that takes 1 year-half to 2 years is going to be shorter than before.

S R (wrinkle, spot, reddish hair, acne, whitening)

SR is designed to work melanin or hemoglobin of epidermis.
It can do treatment your skin troubles at the same time by many
types of wave length work to wrinkle, dull skin, reddish face, acne so on.

Function effect for Epidermis
After radiating, SR will promote turnover of epidermis then sluggish
melanin will be cleansed.(effective for dull skin, darkening of skin)

Function effect for Dermis
SR stimulate fibroblast of dermis layer and promote to make collagen.
It effect skin tightening and closing your pores. Also it acts opened

Compact design. abbey is small and powerful machine. It satisfy your needs.

Safety design !
Most effective !

Painless and efficient treatment is possible

Speedy !

Irradiate successively by moving hand piece. Treatment time will be 1/5 reduction before .

Cost performance !
Small / Compact and powerful

Protect your skin by high cooling hand piece during irradiate effective energy

Before, treatment takes 1year half ~ 2year. However, abbey takes only half of a year ~ 1year to finish the treatment
Treatment period is depend on the person

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER   

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER   

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER   

         Change your sales and profit !

Reduce mandate by minimum time of treatment,
Improve turnover rate
Contribute attract customers
by discriminate from other salons
Handpiece 800,000 shots

Increase sales and profit !

Minimize time and duration of treatment
Stable effect

Customer satisfaction

HR hand piece(400,000shots)
SR hand piece(400,000shots)

*)Hand piece of HR is definitely included.
SR hand piece is to be bought by customer.

Specification / handpiece
Product by
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